Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Mini Clippie Tutorial

Supplies & Tools needed for this project:
·          ½” Mini Bottle Caps
·          ½” Acrylic Cabochons
·          Ruler
·          Scissors
·          Judikins Diamond Glaze
·          ½ ” Circle  Punch
·          Lighter or candle
·          Single or Double Prong Alligator Clips
·          Nostalgic Mini Images - 1
·          Hi-Temp Glue Gun
·          3/8” Ribbon
Step 1
Cut two pieces of ribbon.  Cut the first piece of ribbon at 7”.  Cut the second piece of ribbon at 3 ½”.  Seal all of the ribbon ends.  Take the first piece of ribbon (the one that is 7”).  Begin by gluing the ribbon to the lower inside portions of the clip.  Pinch the clip open while gluing, and be careful you’ll want to make sure the ribbon is straight!

Step 2 
Use the hot setting of your glue gun.  The lower temperature glue won’t work very well.  Then, add some more glue to the ribbon, and wrap it around the bottom side of the clip.  Pinch the end of the clip to make a nice crease.  Then, add hot glue to the remaining amount of ribbon.  Pinch clip, and wrap all the way around and under.  Again, make a nice crease at the opening and the end of the clips.

Step 3 
Take the 3 ½” piece of ribbon. We’ll be using this piece for the actual bow.  Place a bead of glue at the very tip of one end of the ribbon.  Bring the opposite end of ribbon around to form a circle and glue together.  Now hold the ribbon so that the glued piece is at the bottom.

Step 4  
Add some hot glue to the top of the clip, and glue the loop.

Step 5
Use ½” Circle punch to cut out the bottle cap image and glue to the inside of the bottle cap.   Next, add few drops of diamond glaze in the cap using Judikins Diamond Glaze.  If bubbles come out of the bottle just pop them using the wood stirrer.  Then, place the ½”Acrylic cabochons on top of your image and let dry. 

Step 6 
Place a bead of glue in the center and add your bottle cap.  Now you have a cute mini Clippie!

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