Thursday, September 8, 2011

Flip Flop Tutorial

Supplies & Tools needed for this project:
1” Bottle Cap -2
1” Circle Punch -2
1” Acrylic Cabochons -2
Flip Flops – 1 pair
Silk Flower – 2
Sizzix Big Shot
Quickutz REV-0315-S “Flower”
Judikins Diamond Glaze
Nostalgic Images - 2
Hi-Temp Glue Gun
White felt 

Step 1
To start the project, find a pair of flip-flops that have a plastic strap that goes between the toes.   You can usually find a good variety of inexpensive flip flops at Michael's Crafts or Old Navy. Cut your fabric to size, depending on the size of the die and die-cut machine you are using.  Take the 9X12 piece of white felt and cut 4 (middle size flowers) with the REV-0316-S.  Place a parallel slit in the middle of (2) felt flowers.   Take (1) felt flower with a slit and glue to the bottom side of the flip flop where the straps meet the thong.  Glue (1) felt flower without a slit to the top side of the felt flower with a slit.  

Step 2
Take apart the silk flower.  While taking apart the flower, place the petals on top of each other in the order that you removed them.  I do this so I remember how to put it back together again.  Glue each petal starting from the bottom to the top.   The reason you are putting hot glue on each of the pieces is so it will stay together.  Gluing the pieces together keeps the flower from looking “floppy”.

Step 3
Use 1” circle punch to cut out the image and glue to the inside of the bottle cap.   Next, add a few drops of diamond glaze in the cap.  If bubbles come out of the bottle, just pop them using the wood stirrer.  Then, place the 1” Acrylic cabochons on top of your image and let dry.

Step 4

Then, add hot glue to the back of the bottle cap and place it in the center of the flower.  Adhere the flower to the toe separator of the flip-flop.  (Repeat the following steps on the other flip flop).

Enjoy the summer!

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